Treatment Services


 Recovery Coaching and Mentorship

We work with individuals and groups and develop recovery plans and implement a protocol based on current needs and assessment.

Spiritual Care Counseling and Integration

This teaching dynamic attempts to integrate and teach spirituality and the 12-step approach as a science of action. Through a series of experiential films, discussions and process groups, the spiritual process is integrated as an easy and accessible scientific process.  Through this process the spiritual sciences are presented in an easy, experiential and understandable fashion, taking the client off of the “God Hook” that so often keeps those new to recovery from moving forward into the spiritual life required for proper care and recovery. This is for people in advanced recovery as well as new comers. The process of spiritual integration changes and advances the longer we stay sober. We must continue to deepen our spiritual lives. We are specialist in advancing and integrating recovery and spiritual practice in relationship to your sober time.

Yoga For Recovery

Recovery Yoga is a specially designed spiritual process for accessing and experiencing the dimension of oneself that lies beyond mind and body. The disease of addiction, co-dependence, ACOA and Trauma are centered in the conditioned responses of the mind and body. For the addict, co-dependent, ACOA and trauma survivor, it is essential to access, experience and make dominant the dimension of oneself that lies beyond body and mind. By accessing this spiritual dimension of one’s being, the practitioner begins to recover the essence of divinity required for long term sobriety, health and an experience of wholeness.

Experiential Songwriting Therapy

Experiential songwriting therapy is a three-hour group process facilitated by renowned Nashville songwriter Jeff Finlin. The process entails group sharing, processing and creation of a song in a group setting. Experiential songwriting therapy is a proven methodology in helping patients navigate through painful emotions caused by trauma, abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders. Experiential songwriting therapy incorporates the creative process of action in the healing process. The group is presented with a recording of the song by the end of the session.

The benefits of experiential songwriting therapy include:

 – Emotional growth and personal empowerment

– Resolving past trauma

– New skills and coping mechanisms

– Group bonding dynamics


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