“Integrating the practice of spirituality and advanced self inquiry into my recovery process completed the circle to the freedom I was looking for.  I tended to circle around in disorder identification. Getting a coach and employing spiritual practice, actually enabled me to have an experience of transcending the conditioned self, so as to experience myself beyond the disorder.”

How Spirituality And Coaching Helped My Own Recovery

And How It Can Help Yours

Sober since 1997 Jeff went the traditional root of AA for his recovery program. The program works wonders for him. He stays sober. But after many years in the program he was still trapped in a conditioned response to past traumatic experiences that prevented him from experiencing the freedom that the program promised.

“I was still wracked with PTSD and trauma response,” he says.

He realized he had to go deeper into his spiritual life to enhance and sustain his recovery. I got a teacher. It was then that he found yoga -or as he puts it- yoga found him. Yoga taught him an advanced form of self inquiry in relationship to the energy system of the body and mind. As he started to practice the ancient systems he found that it accelerated his recovery and spiritual life on a profound level. Through an advanced yoga program, he was able to have a profound yogic experience that enabled him to experience himself beyond the conditioned response of his trauma. As a result, his PTSD and trauma response disappeared.

Jeff has dedicated his life to making people aware that this is possible for everyone. “I see so much trauma response in the recovery rooms that is undiagnosed and untreated,” he says. “The contemporary clinical world tends to focus on living with trauma. I want to let people know that it is possible to transcend it completely.”

By integrating the traditional tools of recovery with the practice of yoga, Jeff found a unique system that enabled him to transcend his propensity to make decisions at the mind body level, ultimately transcending the dis-ease itself. Jeff would love to work with you in integrating yoga into your recovery practices. He has found that it has been the ultimate solution in relationship to finding a happy healthy useful sober life.

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