Jeff Finlin

                                        Certified Recovery Coach

Certified Yoga of Recovery Counselor ~ E-RYT 230 from Asheville Yoga

Sober since 1997-Jeff originally went a more traditional recovery route. After some time, though, he found there was something missing in his recovery process. As if by fate, yoga came into his life to create the profound experience he had been looking for all along.

“Integrating the practice of yoga and expanded self inquiry into my recovery process completed the circle to the freedom I was looking for. Before yoga, I tended to circle around in disorder identification. But yoga actually enabled me to have an experience of transcending the conditioned self, so as to experience myself beyond the disorder.”

Jeff is known for his ability to mix compassion and inquiry through direct relationship with others. His practices and interaction combine to create a profound environment for growth and self-actualization. He combines simple everyday practices for the everyman, easily enabling the practitioner to keep the spiritual practice of yoga as a constant part of daily life.

“The word yoga means literally means “union” or “to merge”. More than a set of physical postures or exercises, yoga is defining as a spiritual science and technology to determine the nature of who you are and what you want to be.”

Jeff has partaken in a 15-year study and practice of yoga.  His teaching is centered in continued study, practice and his personal relationship with students. The ability to connect one on one with his students is a pivotal part of his teaching. He prides himself on his work with beginners and people in recovery. As far as people in recovery are concerned, Jeff has made it his mission to help the afflicted gain access to the dimensions of themselves that lie beyond the body and mind.

“Yoga 101 is often overlooked in studios these days and my hope is to focus on introductory classes and programs that help practitioners to get started in the right way. As far as recovery is concerned, our addictions and reactions to addictive behaviors are centered in the body and mind. Our goal, as a person in recovery is to access and make dominant the spiritual dimension of ourselves, there for ensuring health, wellbeing, and continued sobriety. With the practice of Yoga this is possible”

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