Recoveryoga is a spiritually-grounded coaching, mentor-ship and workshop program designed for those in recovery from drug addiction, alcoholism, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, lingering mental trauma and other life tribulations. It is also helpful for adult children of alcoholics (ACOA). Designed and practiced by dedicated yogi, author and acclaimed singer-songwriter Jeff Finlin, the Recovery Coaching Services program is a unique marriage of the science and practice of spirituality combined with proven, traditional recovery practices.  This program has the potential to expedite and enhance your road to recovery in profound and lasting ways.Jeff works directly with individuals and offers training mentor-ship, coaching, workshops and online courses that provide enhanced recovery practices for individuals seeking freedom from all forms of addiction.  Jeff constructs individual assessments to determine where you are in your recovery process and tailors your program to your life conditions, personal story and needs. The program requires a serious commitment and it’s crucial to commit to the program, and fulfill it, if you seek full recovery.  Jeff reserves the right to refuse service if you are not committed to the practice. Your recovery requires deep dedication and determination, but true recovery is within your grasp, and can be yours if you want it, and practice with commitment and passion.

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